Biography of Keiko Takagi


One of the up and coming names in makeup, Keiko represents the future of artists in the fashion world. An easy going personality matched with great creativity and flawless execution have made her the natural choice for a diverse range of clients. Keiko's philosophy that exceptional makeup begins with a perfect canvas leads her to constantly challenge herself to perfect the skin of all her clients.

Growing up in Japan, known for its mountains and beautiful countryside, Keiko always had an inclination towards the arts. As a teenager Keiko was a backup dancer for Japanese pop singers but was always most comfortable experimenting with new, innovative looks at the makeup table backstage. After a move to Los Angeles and later New York, Keiko began pursuing her makeup career.

Since then she has achieved a great deal as an artist having worked with a number of renowned photographers including Guy Aroch, Koto Bolofo, Diego Uchitel and Philippe Salomon and clients ranging from Kiehl's to Chantecaille. Countless celebrities have also taken advantage of Keiko's signature ability to create radiant skin including Mariah Carey, Keri Russell, Elizabeth Banks and Christy Turlington.